Tall Table Numbers

You may notice that our Tall Table Numbers are sporting a fresh new look. After almost 40 years, it was time to give them an update. The media, size and tent styling are exactly the same as our previous numbers. Things to keep in mind are...

  • Tall table numbers are now sold in sets of 50 numbers
  • If 50 numbers are more than you need for use at one time, consider using the first 25 numbers of your set. Keep the remaining numbers in their packaging until they are needed at a later date
  • Table numbers are notorious for getting lost, broken or stolen. Having extra on hand is always a good idea (and saves you money on shipping)
  • We now offer higher number sequences - up to number 200!
  • A more contemporary verbiage of "Please Place Visibly" replaces the old text "Please Place At Edge Of Table"
Tall Blue Table Numbers
  • From $74.85
Tent style table numbers feature a bold white number on a red background. Please place visibly is printed at the bottom of each number.
Tall Red Table Numbers
  • From $74.85
Tall Green Table Numbers
  • From $74.85
Tent style table numbers have a bold white number on an orange background. Perfect for any restaurant or food service environment.
Tall Orange Table Numbers
  • From $74.85
Tall Pink Table Numbers
  • From $74.85
Our tent style table markers are perfect for any food service or restaurant environment. www.citygrafx.com
Tall Table Markers
  • From $29.94