No Smoking Policy Signs For Guest Rooms

The summer months are upon us and vacation season is just around the corner. As you prepare your guest rooms and rentals for the busy season, it's important to consider what policy signs are the most beneficial to maintain the health and comfort for all guests staying with you. Policy signs also help reduce the wear and tear in your rooms and rentals.

No smoking signs continue to be one of our most popular policy signs for both hotels and vacation rentals. By displaying a no smoking sign in each room or rental, you can be certain your guests are aware of your rule. Our no smoking signs feature the universally recognized no smoking symbol and typically state a cleaning fee should smoking occur during a guest's stay.

Our most requested signs:

One of most requested signs is our "e-cigarette" sign. This no smoking sign covers not only the use of cigarettes, but also e-cigarettes and "all other smoking devices". It's an all inclusive sign that applies a general no smoking rule to any type of smoking. It also states a cleaning fee of $250 should smoking occur.

Another popular sign is our large no smoking signs.The larger size makes them easy to spot in a room. They feature three different no smoking symbols. One for cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and marijuana.

Signs for both rooms and rentals:

We offer no smoking signs specific to rooms. They are best suited for hotel guest rooms and event venues where a room is rented out. We also have no smoking signs specific to rentals. Rental signs are ideal for larger units, vacation homes, VRBO's and time shares.

Below you will find some links to our most requested no smoking signs. We are happy to customize a no smoking sign to fit your needs*. Please contact us for more information.

No Smoking Room "all devices":

Large No Smoking Room:

All No Smoking Signs:

 * minimum order or set-up fee may apply for customization of signs


  No Smoking Signs For Hotel Rooms