Social Distancing Signs

Thank You For Wearing A Mask Countertop Signs
  • From $20.75
Proof Of Vaccination For Inside Seating
  • From $24.00
Large Table Closed Signs perfect for use in restaurants and business environments. Visit us at
Large Table Closed Signs
  • From $41.70
Table Closed - Red
  • From $34.80
Small table closed signs for social distancing.
Small Table Closed Signs
  • From $28.00
Table Open Signs
  • From $34.80
Small table open signs
Small Table Open Signs
  • From $28.00
Please Practice Social Distancing
  • From $28.00
Engraved table numbers with a QR code are perfect for use in restaurants and the food service industry. QR codes are ideal for linking to menus or services offered.
Engraved Table Numbers w/ QR Code
  • From $149.75
Engraved QR code signs. QR codes can link to menus or services. Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and the customer service industry.
Engraved QR Code Menu Signs
  • From $165.00
Covid vaccination required for inside dining counter sign. This L style sign is ideal for use in restaurants that required proof of vaccination status to dine inside.
Covid Vaccination For Inside Dining Sign
  • From $20.75